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Problems Encountered By LNC Students

             The profession of nursing is a combination of art and science dominated by the idea of service in which certain principles are applied in the skillful care of the sick or health education of the healthy with an appropriate relationship with the patient, the physician, and the whole health team. It also has equal concerns regarding prevention of illness, care of the dying, and conservation of health. Skillful care is required to maintain the indivisibility of the human being, which is the basis of holistic health - an approach that considers the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well being of an individual. .
             Nursing then, advancing from its definition in context form is not merely a profession but a vocation. It requires patience and sheer dedication. The course, therefore, demands more from its students since they are supposed to be exceptional in their character and intellectual ability. This makes BS Nursing a course not just for anybody. It is only for those few who are able to cope up with the rigid demands of the course.
             The baccalaureate-nursing program is four years in length and is offered in senior colleges and universities. The required courses in the biological, physical, and behavioral sciences are both basic and advanced. These general-education requirements, along with subjects that provide a liberal arts background, are taken during the first two years. The major clinical courses are offered in the third and fourth years and include five clinical areas (medical, surgical, psychiatric, obstetrical, and pediatric nursing), with an emphasis on community-health nursing and the role of the nurse as a manager. .
             Because of its complexity, both physical and mental in nature, it is not surprising to hear nursing students complain about the problems that they face during the nursing education process. For some, these problems affect them so much that it affects how they learn.

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