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Meida Convergence

            The authors of "Television: What if they're right?" have stated that television and the print media will certainly have to ".change or crash," in the always improving computer age. These changes include ideas of bringing together specific mediums of media, creating new ways to expose the media, and new ways for the reception of the media. This can basically change the media and create something new to the world. .
             It has been said that the computer industry and the television industry are merging together. This is also compared to the automobile industry having merged with the horse. When one medium is outdated and another, more effective medium comes into play, the outdated medium must find a new way to either keep updated or as a result, die out of existence. Once home users are given a new alternative to view media, it is said that television will not be able to compete with the new computer systems that will take over transmission and reception of mass media. It has been reported that on-demand media such as movies on television and indexing are favored more highly then real time broadcasting. With these technologies, the medium will be changed by computer technology. Nicholas Negroponte, a professor at MIT has said that "soon the television will be indistinguishable from a computer" and the all things necessary to view media through the television will be wired to the computer and from there be handled.
             Similarly, newspapers will move towards a greater range of content by presenting its customers with magazine features, hyperlinks to related information and additional multimedia. Newspapers will expand, and benefit from a greater ability for indexing, retrieval and real-time reporting. Readers would then read the newspaper via the internet. Newspapers in return would not use paper, cutting the costs of them to be made and easier to access through the internet. This would greatly change the medium of the newspaper.

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