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Psychology of Homosexuality

            Liberate Your Mind to the Possibilities of Love.
             As a child parents try to instill certain morals and values, one value is who we love. Many children are socialized to believe that a man should love a woman. This ideal is constantly built into are minds as they way of life. However, there are some people who find love in the same sex. Be it a man with a man or a woman with a woman. This type of love is called homosexuality. People of this nature are usually stuck with a stigma as being "sexually selfish and irresponsible," because they do not take the responsibility of "parenthood." The even worse stigma homosexuals" have dealt with is the prejudice that "all" homosexuals are "perverted," and "prey on the young." With thoughts like this many sought homosexuals as being mentally ill, and immoral. .
             A common judgment of homosexuals is that they have AIDS or HIV. "Those with HIV/AIDS face social disapproval regardless of how the disease was transmitted. Case after case reveals the potent reality of discrimination and stigma attached to the disease." This stigma makes it very hard for homosexuals to live in society. That's why many studies and liberating groups have started for the gay community. .
             The Gay Liberation Front sparked all sorts of minds to create groups that help support the homosexual people. The GLF was one the most successful organizations to help the gay community. There was a fact sheet written in January of 1970, that explained the gay liberation front as: .
             "The Gay Liberation Front is a nationwide coalition of revolutionary homosexual organizations creating a radical Counter-Culture within the homosexual lifestyles. Politically, it's part of the radical "Movement" working to expose and eliminate discrimination and oppression against homosexuals in industry, the mass media, government, schools, and churches. GLF is organized in many major US cities from NY to SF and LA, in the Midwest and south.

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