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Ball Boa/Phyton Report

             The Ball Python(python regius) or, Ball Boa, Originally were found at the edges of forest lands of Central and Western Africa. They are comfortable both in Trees and on land. They are what they call Crepuscular, active around dusk and dawn. In Europe they are called Royal pythons, in the US they are called balls because of their habit to crawl in to a little ball when they are nervous. They are curious and gentle snakes.
             Ball pythons are usually around 4 feet long, occasionally they can reach up to 5 feet. When they are properly fed their bodies are nicely rounded. Like all pythons and boas Balls have anal spurs. These single claws are vestigial remains of the hind legs snakes lost while evolving from lizards. Males have longer spurs than females yet, males have smaller heads than females.
             Balls eat a variety of animals in the wild, such as amphibians, lizards, other snakes, birds, and small mammals. They don't eat mice in the wild, and they don't recognize the mice we feed them as being something edible. Wild caught balls will not eat mice, when you try to feed them mice they will leave it and lookm for something else to eat. Balls have been known to not eat for extended periods of time. Wild Balls have been known to not eat for about a year, this is what forced them to eat reptiles and other snakes. It not healthy for them to eat other reptiles though.
             The Ball Python has to have tank big enough for it to roam around in, approximately ten gallons for a baby, as it matures it should have a tank about twenty gallons, then as an adult it requires a thirty gallon tank. When putting soil in the tank you should make sure there are no mites in it. Small wood chips should not be used because they can become lodged in the mouth and cause respiratory and other problems. For the snake to be happy you have to have a place to hide from the sun, such as a half log, because they are nocturnal they need a place to hide from our everyday sunlight.

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