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Symbol Scrutiny

             "Near to Ralph's elbow a palm sapling leaned out over the lagoon He tore out the stem and began to poke about in the water The shell was deep cream touched here and there with pink Ralph grasped the idea and hit the shell with air from his diaphragm. Immediately, the thing sounded Boys were making their way toward the platform- There are many symbols that act as the boy's feelings and emotions throughout William Golding's Lord of the Flies. The conch epitomizes power and control, the fire as the boy's connection to civilization and their measurement of civilization, and the sow's head on a stick as the boy's fear and reality. Golding's use of these important symbols express the boy's feelings with action and conflict throughout the novel.
             There are certain forces, objects and actions in which everyone is responsive to. Things that catch our attention to a point that makes us drop whatever we were doing. Ralph blew the conch and the boys came out from different areas of the island to check out the sound. When the conch is blown, the boys come to it. The conch brings the boy's together. Piggy reminded the group that he was holding the conch so he had a right to talk. When one of the boys was hold the conch, they had the floor. The conch symbolizes power and/or social order between the boys. The boy's power and control lies within the symbol of the conch.
             The boy's hope for civilization is at a strong. Ralph tells the boys in order to be rescued they have to make a fire and watch it. As long as the fire is maintained, the boys exhibit a desire to return to society. The boys must act civilized to be rescued. Ralph is angered with the hunters for not watching the fire because it went out and a ship passed by. The boy's are starting to accept their savage lines on the island. The boy's believe that they will never be rescued. The signal fire is a symbolic force that represents the boy's civilization.

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