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Role Of Women And Symbols Of Judiams, Christianity And Islam

             The actual role of a woman in a particular Muslim community may vary according to the part of the world she lives in; nonetheless all Muslim women abide by the same fundamental rules and regulations that the religion clearly defines (Badawi.) Both the Quran and the Hadith are detailed sources that describe the role of women in Islamic history. "The rights and responsibilities of a woman are equal to those of a man, although are not identical with them (Badawi.) The difference is understandable because men and women are not identical but are created equals. Equality is desirable, just, fair: but similitude is not. People are not created identical but they are created equals." (Badawi.) With this distinction in mind, there is no room to imagine that women are inferior to men. The fact that Islam gives women equal rights, but not identical, shows that it takes into due consideration, acknowledges her and recognizes a woman's independent personality (Badawi.) The position of the w!.
             oman and the role of the family exist side by side in an Islamic community. .
             The family structure differ throughout the Middle East and with it the culture of each region. The status of women in Islam is something unique, without similarities to any other system. Muslim women have a great responsibility to the family. They have been brought up to focus on the family rather than look out for themselves. Islamic family role provides them with security and ensures them with a social and economical shelter, first within the family then in the community. However strange the family life and relationship between Muslim men and women may seem to outsiders, the Muslim family system has resulted in stable and productive Islamic communities throughout the world. .
             The Quranic view of women reports that there is no different than that of men. They, both, are God's creatures whose sublime goal on earth is to worship their Lord, do righteous deeds, and avoid evil and they, both, will be assessed accordingly (ICS).

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