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the fallen

             Paradise lost is a story by John Milton, illustrating the fall of Lucifer's followers and their eventual counterstroke to man. The story begins after the battle of Heaven has concluded. The fallen awaken after the battle to find that they are miserable with their new environment. To proud to ask for forgiveness, the fallen choose to take their battle to earth, where they plan to corrupt man, Gods favorite creation. The story can be broken down into three major parts which are; the explanation of how Lucifer and his followers came to be thrown from Heaven, the decision of the fallen to corrupt man instead of begging for Gods forgiveness, and the plot of the devil which leads to the corruption of Adam and Eve.
             According to Paradise Lost, the fallen angels started out as equals among all of gods other angels. When God placed his son above the angels, Lucifer became very jealous. After gathering a number of supporters, Lucifer challenged god's power. The battle lasted three days. In the final day of the battle, the angels of Heaven drove the followers of Lucifer over the edge of Heaven into the fire pits of Hell. .
             After recovering from their defeat, the fallen angels awaken to discover the horrible nature of their new environment. Although they long to be in the comfort of Heaven again, they decide as a whole that it is not worth asking God for repentance. They choose instead to rule in Hell as opposed to living under God in Heaven. To pay God back for what he has done, the fallen angels decide to conquer man and make them their slaves. Lucifer himself volunteers to make the journey to earth to discover what he can of Gods new creation. .
             Upon arriving in the Garden of Eden, Lucifer is taken back by its beauty. It reminds him of Heaven, the paradise that he will never see again. This sight only fuels the devils hatred for God. Lucifer concludes that if he can not live in peace, then he will rule over the greater part of man.

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