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Fallen Angels

             The report must follow the focus correction standard for Writing in the Social Studies.
             The report must be a minimum of two word-processed pages.
             3. The report must include an organized, clearly written answer to each of the questions.
             1. What is the significance of the title?.
             The name "Warrior Angels" was given by Lieutenant Carroll to American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. When soldiers are killed in action, they become "Fallen Angels." I think this title fits the book well because the soldiers came into the war as innocent teens that are not even old enough to vote yet. They transform into warriors but are still angels on the inside.
             2. Is there an attitudinal change in Richard Perry during his experience in Vietnam? Relate his feelings from the beginning to the end of his tour of duty.
             There is an unquestionable change in Perry's attitude during his stay in "country." Richard is not even supposed to be involved in battle. He has a bum knee. His medical profile is supposed to land him a desk job and he is not expecting to fight at all. He has an easygoing attitude with a hint of American pride. When Perry's profile does not turn up, Richard is assigned to Charlie Company and will begin to go on patrols. The first sign of his attitudinal change occurs when their Lieutenant Carroll is killed in action. He says the war is different now. Lieutenant Carroll was a part of him and part of him was dead with Carroll. He had mixed emotions of sadness, anger, and frustration. His attitude changes again when he kills a man for the first time. He remembers how if the VC's weapon had worked, he would be dead and starts to cry. This is an emotional turning point in the story. After you kill once it gets easier every time after that. Later, he begins to think about how he had come into the army as a kid and how the war didn't mean anything to him then. He was immature and had no idea of what war was really like.

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