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Fallen Angels

            The book Fallen Angles was a very exciting book the kept me on the tip of my seat just waiting to see what happened next. Although Fallen Angles is one of the longer books that we have read this year in English, it was the most enjoyable book. The book was so enjoyable because it had to do with a topic I am interested in and it was very well written and easy to read.
             Fallen Angles was very interesting to me because I like to read books and stories about past wars and the book also had a special interest to me at this time because the book could relate to some things that are happening at the present time. Although reading books is not my favorite thing to do, and I usually only read books because I have a quiz or test over them, Fallen Angles was a book that I could really get into and I ended up reading every chance I had because it was so intense and I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I also thought that the book was very good because it had a lot of very important hidden messages in it that are related to life. Fallen Angles was a great way for the author to show what kind of life styles that the American soldiers had to live like while fighting in Vietnam. The book was very sad at times, when people that you got close to in the story died, but the story was also very funny at times because Peewee was so goofy. Fallen Angels is the first real book that I really enjoyed because it was so enjoyable that I forgot that I was reading it for school and it was so easy to read it was almost like I was watching a movie. .
             In conclusion I would like to say that I really enjoyed reading the book Fallen Angles and it really changed my mind on how I look at reading. After reading this book I realized that reading books can be easy and fun if it is a topic that you, the reader is interested in. And it also showed me that even though the book looks long, it doesn't mean that it is hard to read.

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