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suicide heaven or hell

             Over 800,000 people choose to end their life by committing suicide each year (Perina 15). With such a high number of people committing this act yearly there is no need for a definition of what suicide is. However, with so many people deciding that it is better to "end it all" than to live another day on this planet, the word "suicide" tends to be a topic that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Not only are the questions left for the loved ones of the deceased, but are also left for people who believe in life after death. Questions such as: Why would someone take their own life?, What could of have been done to stop this?, and the question most asked considering suicide: Where does someone who commits suicide spend eternity? Now the first two questions are ones that can only be answered by the deceased and as we all know after someone commits suicide it is too late to ask them "Why?" Or "What if?" But the third question is one that can be answered by the living. The unfortunate thing though is that most people answer this third question with an opinion, or with an answer that someone else told them to be a proven fact about where suicide victims spend eternity. By answering this very controversial question with non-biblical truths and assumptions, we get an answer that for years has been passed down from generation to generation (Aiken): That people who commit suicide are automatically condemned to a fiery eternity separated from God in hell. This is wrong for a couple of reasons: That answer is only an assumption and people should not assume that suicide condemns someone to hell (thesis statement). Not only is this answer an assumption but it is not what the Bible says about suicide and I think that before we start giving our opinions on where someone spends eternity we should see what God says about it first. Along with proving that the Bible never says where a suicide victim spends eternity I will also prove that suicide is not an unforgivable sin and that we as humans don't have the right to say where someone will spend eternity that decision can only be decided by God.

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