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Letter to Dean

             I truly appreciate your developing a channel for students to communicate with you. I am pleased to have a nice dean like you who is willing to listen to students' needs.
             It has been well known hat you do a very excellent job in managing the department. I would have a suggestion that will make our department even better. Up to now many students taking statistics courses have faced a difficulty understanding the text; that is, most teachers merely give the lecture by oral explanation instead of any written material. Most basic statistics subjects are mathematics base; in this case, the material will be too abstract to comprehend if the key terms or formulas are not presented by vision. You might encourage students preview the textbook before the classes. However, please recall the situation while you were still a college student. Isnt it a mercy and great help if the material is given on board or transparency simultaneously when a student is trying to absorb new information? Students would be able to obtain double in the same amount of time if the material is more explicitly and completely presented. Therefore, would you please giving an announcement or even setting a policy to request teachers making use of written material, such as hang out, board or power point to supply the lecture? Otherwise, we students have to keep struggling for the abstract knowledge. .
             Please take the suggestion into consideration. If the problem keeps existing, it would be an obstacle for students' learning and progressing. It would be a pity that the department has remained a good work but learning environment is defective. .
             There are many advantages by fixing the problem by improving the learning environment. Students' needs will be satisfied and complaints will be fixed. Besides, students will make obvious progress due to the fully comprehension in class material and the whole departmental achievement will rise.

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