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Economics of the World Fair

             The Columbian World Fair was an extremely large exposition that took place in Chicago. Many people visited this incredible exposition to learn about other countries" and cities" cultures and ideas. Twenty-seven million people visited the Fair and it was an incredible achievement for such an event. The Columbian World Fair totally revolutionized the U.S. Economy. .
             Chicago hosted the Fair, but it was not the only city that wanted to host it. Many other cities and towns had campaigns to get support to host the Columbian World Fair. At the end, Chicago won. Selling five hundred thousand shares of stocks sponsored and paid for the Fair. All the shares were sold almost immediately.
             The World Fair quickly became very popular, because it was going to have exhibits of one invention that was very popular at the time: electricity. Everyone knew that electricity could revolutionize factories as well as many aspects of life, so people rushed to see the new technology. This brought many speculators and entrepreneurs to the Fair and introduced many countries to higher technology and production.
             Technology was quickly growing more complex by the minute, and with the Columbian World Fair all the recent inventors and designers had the chance to introduce their inventions. Many people earned a lot of money by selling their patents, and even made money by buying the machinery presented at the exposition and increasing production and consumption. This helped the .
             industries because they had new ways of producing their items for less money.
             Judith Adams said, ".most of all, the Columbian Exposition was a spectacle for the emerging technology that would power and transform the coming new century - electricity." This is actually quite true, as many countries acquired their technology .
             through the Columbian World Fair. After this exposition, technology and inventions skyrocketed in terms of complexity and usefulness.

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