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Are We Being Fair to Ourselves?

             This paper is about the problems that have arisen since our founding forefathers gave us freedom from the clutches of a socialistic environment. Our country has always celebrated its immigrant heritage. But Americans have also been worried since the country's founding about the potential economic, political and cultural disruption caused by immigrants. We have to ask ourselves some very basic question. Should we continue to allow foreigners to come and stay in our country? Who are we becoming? What kind of society have we built for ourselves, and is it in our best interest?.
             According to US Immigrations, at least half of the million immigrants each year are already living in the United States under a visa or under some other legal status, or as aliens. A recent poll agreed that the United States should not increase immigration into the country because it will cost US jobs and increase unemployment. About twenty five percent of those are from Mexico. The US government allowed the Mexican government to send workers, which were to help with World War II labor shortage. This evolved into a complex migration problem, moving rural Mexicans into farm jobs and currently into new job endeavors, and occupations all over the continent. .
             Have we any solutions to curb immigration from Mexico into the United States? The NAFTA Commission predicts that because of more competition and economics, the member countries will have faster-growing economies, more jobs, and higher wages, which should reduce migration.
             It is a well-known fact that businesses profit from hiring illegal aliens at a lower wage scale. Maybe that is what NAFTA meant by faster-growing economies. It certainly hasn't created better paying jobs, or higher wages.
             The problems that occur from immigrants seem to be divided into two groups, the top education level and the bottom education level. The top level competes with the highly educated Americans already struggling for the top paying jobs and on the other end use valuable resources that can help Americans to get better paying jobs.

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