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John Locke(on property)

             I believe one of the greatest problems affecting us today would be Greed, also .
             appropriately called one of the seven cardinal sins. When I talk about greed, I am saying .
             that people care more about themselves and their own self-preservation then they care for .
             others. It is human nature which provokes us to "watch out for number one." If everyone .
             only took what was their fair share and did not give in to greed then there would be .
             plenty for everyone.
             Money seems to be one of the strongest obstacles prohibiting us from only .
             attempting to acquire what we need to sustain ourselves. Locke says that before money, .
             people were not tempted to labor for more then they needed because it would go to waste.
             However, placing value on gold and silver, both non-perishable commodities man was for .
             the first time able to labor for more then his fair share in the hopes of being able to sell.
             his excess to his neighbor for non-perishable commodities (gold, and silver).
             It is not beneficial to the community for an individual to take more then his fair.
             share. We as a society must contribute to our community, and increase the resources of .
             a community as a whole. A society cannot thrive if we all only care and think about .
             our own needs and interests. Through the use of money however, brought people more .
             together separating the differences between them joining us as a people through common.
             currency. Now people are able to fully use their resources around them and exchange.
             them to his neighbor for non-perishables such as gold and silver. Now this individual is .
             able to make full use of his resources, not having it go to waste, and purchase other goods.
             or services, not before at his disposal. .
             If John Locke were alive today I believe he would be mystified by what he saw,.
             I think he would be proud of how industrious we have become as a community. The .
             Economics would astound him. I believe that John Locke would want to try to even out .

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