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John Locke

            In the Second Treatise of Government by John Locke, he writes about the right to private property. He tells how the right to private property originated, the role it plays in the state of nature, the limitations that are set on the rights of private property, the role the invention of money played in property rights and the role property rights play after the establishment of government. In this chapter Locke makes significant points about private property. According to Locke, the right to private property originated when God gave the world to men. Locke makes the argument that when God created the world for man, he gave man reason to make use of the world to the best advantage of life, and convenience. Locke explains that every man has property in his own person, and that nobody has any right to that property but that person. However, Locke believes that there are limitations on that property. Locke believes that God has given us all things richly, and that man may use those things as long as he takes what he needs. Men can have property as long as they obtained it rightfully, and as long as they use discretion. If those limitations were overlooked when the person was getting the property, the property was not obtained rightfully. Money was invented because people were abusing their property rights. With the creation of money things were given value, and this invention prevented people from taking more than they could afford. Money was an invention that men could keep without spoiling. This invention plays a big role in the property rights. According to Locke, individual property rights change after government is established. He believes that in governments, the laws regulate the right of property, and the possession of land is determined by positive constitutions. These laws and restrictions were established to secure protection of those who had property.

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