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             Whirl wind strokes around Icarus to show a falling motion.
             Different than other paintings or drawings not near ocean.
             Lots of people around.
             All eyes are on him as if in awe.
             Crowd is pretty blurry.
             This sketch or drawing wasn't like most others that I looked at on the website. For instance the fact that it was black and white when all of the other artists used lots of colors, mostly blues and greens for the ocean, in which he fell in. Also another difference, he is falling over land not water, and there is a crowd staring up at him. In the painting we analyzed in class nobody bothered too look up at him, because he wasn't important, yet this crowd seems to be in awe of him.
             Glorious Icarus.
             Different than other.
             Icarus is tan and muscular.
             Only wearing a loin cloth.
             Looks like a super hero.
             Doesn't look like he's falling maybe moments before.
             Fathers shadow in the background.
             Lots of colors .orange, browns, reds.
             Mountains in the background.
             Showing off instead of staying away from sun like his father told him.
             Looks like from the cover of a romance novel or the dinosaur age.
             Icarus is perceived a lot differently in this painting than in any of the others. Personally, I laughed when I saw it at first. I thought it looked like the cover of a romance novel no other painting shows him in this manner, tan, buff, and showing off. I think this is just moments before he actually begins falling. He looks tall and proud and close to the sun. Just a few seconds later I'm sure Icarus was on his way down to the ground. .

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