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            Edith Hamilton, in her introduction to Mythology, writes that men and women who cannot explain what happens in the world, use myths to explain mother nature and human nature. Many of these myths show how incredibly intelligent these people are. It takes tremendous planning and thinking to come up with such a clever story. These people want to explain the unexplainable, find answers to all the unanswered questions, and know that there is a greater person, or peoples, watching over them. In the myth of Icarus, Icarus shows something about human nature. Adonis, however, explains mother nature.
             King Minos imprisones Daedalus and his son Icarus in the Labyrinth. Daedalus constructes two pairs of wax wings because he knows the only way to escape is by air. Before the flight Daedalus tells Icarus to keep a middle course over the sea. If he flies too high, Daedalus warns, the the sun could melt the wax and the wings will fall off. When they get into the air, Icarus completely forgets what his father says and flies to high. The realization of what is happening, most likely, gets to Icarus" head and he soars up toward the open sky that was welcoming him. Just as his father had warned, when Icarus was approaching the sun, it quickly starting melting the wax. He went tumbling down into the sea below. In the book, it says, "However, as stories so often show, what elders say youth disregards."(pg. 145) As stories so often times show, youth do indeed disregard what elders say. However in this story, some people believe it to be more of a careless, impulsive, temporary loss of common sense, rather than intentionally disregarding what was said. .
             "Of these deaths and flower resurrections the most famous was that of Adonis. Every year the Greek girls mourned for him and every year they rejoiced when his flower. was seen blooming again."(pg. 94) The anemone flower is a wildflower that is a dark red blood color and it comes into the world by a tragic death.

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