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College student

             Every college should students to perform community service for course credit before graduation. Most high schools do not have this program. Sometimes high school have vocational classes. For example, automotive classes teach student to work on cars for the people in the community. In service learning classes, students can learn new skills such as: how to communicate better, be a team player and have compassion for others. .
             First, Students should have a chance to practice communication with each other. They can improve their communication skills by taking part in difficult class activities. For example, I had different kinds of science classes in high school. I had lab for those classes. We had to communicate with our partners about lab work. By that method, I did improve some of my communication skills. Some people learn more by communicating with others.
             Furthermore, Students can learn to be team players. Sometimes we can work out problems with others help. For example, groups work on projects together. Sometime teens do car washing to raise money for a certain goal. Some organizations help people to find sources of free food and clothes or cheap housing. .
             Finally, students have compassion for others after they go through with hard times themselves. When someone goes through pain, the person has new understanding then as they see someone else suffering. After one struggles with a school course, the person wants to help others as they struggle with courses. When we develop compassion, we want to serve others.
             In conclusion, this experience leads all students to improve their job skills. Service learning makes students happier as they learn new ideas. That means they have better health. In service leaning classes, students can learn new skills such as: how to communicate better, be team players and have compassion for others. .

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