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If you were an employer

            If you were an employer, under what circumstances would you fire an employee?.
             Although I am only nineteen years old, I have had my share of jobs. One day, I will have my own business, which means I will be an employer. As the boss, I will have many job related responsibilities. Out of all of my tasks firing my employees will be the most important. I will fire my employees under these circumstances: coming to work high on drugs and alcohol, stealing merchandise, and not showing up for work when scheduled.
             When I become an employer, the first reason I would fire one of my employees is for coming to work high on either drugs or alcohol. For instance, one of my employees has been working for me for nine months and during that time had three raises, and was employee off the month twice. One day, peculiarly, he came to work fifteen minutes late so I pulled my staff member to the side because I was concerned. He staggered towards me and then I noticed that his clothes smelled as if it had been soaked in alcohol. His eyes were red and his speech was slurred I was disappointed that I had to let one of my best employees go. .
             The next reason I would fire a member of my staff is for stealing merchandise. For example, I do inventory once a week and it has always been excellent until I hired a new employee. Then things started to change when I did my inventory that particular week I came up short; I was missing two pairs of shoes, three shirts, and three pairs of pants. This employee was so dense that he wore the merchandise to work the next week. So I questioned the employee and he lied and said he had bought from here. I later explained to him that there are cameras in this store, but he stuck with his story, so I fired him and called the police.
             The final reason why I would fire an employee is for not showing up for work when scheduled. Employees have the authority to request days off, so there should not be any reason for them to just not show up and not call.

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