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Korean Marketing

             If I were opening a music business in California and in South Korea, I would have to use very different methods in order to be successful. In the United States, I would survey which age group I wanted to target and the type of music that the people listened to. In the United States, we are allowed to listen to any type of music that we want. I would set up an Internet web site that people could look at and listen to samples of the music that I was selling. Next I would scout out the perfect location and rent a building in a very populated area. I would not have to do this by myself because I would have employees that would be responsible for these details. I would then go to the county and get a building permit. Next, I would hire someone to design the store.
             Before the store was open, I would use television, radio and billboards to advertise my store. I would hand out flyers on the street corners to business people heading to work. I would also offer opening day discounts for people that purchased music on the first day. I believe that I will always have to advertise but if my strategy works, I will get a lot of business from my customers word-of-mouth. My biggest challenge will be to get people in the door to buy my music and make it so they return to my store and continue to purchase more music. Another challenge will be the funds that will be required to set up this business. With that being said, there are numerous financial institutions in the United States where I will be able to borrow money without any problems.
             Since North Korea is a closed country it would be extremely difficult to set up a music business there. The government determines the type of music that the people are allowed to listen to. In order to have a business there, I would first have to get a visa into the country. My travel would be very restricted and this would hamper my efforts to find a good location for my business.

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