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Analysis of Poem "Earth's Boun

             Earth's Bounty Analysis.
             In this poem, on the first line they say they are stating an overall theme that will set the tone for the rest of the poem.
             Bless you, earth, it states. This is universal. Dealing with the different lands all over the world, this poem relates to many people. Then they list in the next few lines the type of ground that is available all over the world. The fields, forests, valleys and hills, are the soul of the earth. Without these lands the world would not go on. Then the next few lines state that the land is only as the good young men in each place. This means to me that everywhere around the world there has to be the farmers and these men of agriculture who's hard work and determination show in the land. I think that this poem can totally relate to the people of today in the United States and how bad our pollution is and how dirty our land can get. Most people today are only worried about getting that 90K paycheck a year. No one goes to realize that without these men who slave all day perfecting our lands that we wouldn't be here. .
             This also makes me think about our lands and how bad we as people treat it. We need to start taking a little more consideration for the place that we live. This poem also triggers the cycle of life in my brain, the never ending cycle that each species partakes in. With each animal dying we develop fertile soil to grow crops, and so forth. The farmers that use the land for crops are supplying us with the food we take for granted each time we walk into a grocery store. Imagine if our land suddenly became tarnished. What would we do? .
             This also reminds me of war. How fertile the land would be because of the brave soldiers who fought diligently for their country. War in ancient times and war now is still the same. .

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