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            Envy, no one word covers so many different emotions. The word envy according to the dictionary is a feeling of discontent or resentment for someone else's possessions or advantages. A person can be envious of possessions, of the attention another person gets, of someone else's luck in life, or just about anything else I can think of. Anything one person can do another can be envious of. Envy has led people to hate, resent, even kill other human beings because they have been dealt a better hand in life. Most of the time this person is not at fault, they did not intentionally better another man. This is not just physical possessions or advantages one may have.
             When someone thinks of envy the first thing that comes to mind is the envy of physical possessions or money. Probably every person alive can recall being envious of another person's car, house, or riches. Envy of physical possessions is probably a feeling that every person ever born has had to deal with. However, physical things are certainly not the only thing someone can be envious of.
             Many people are envious of another person's advantages they were handed in life.
             Whether that person had any say in it or not, for example one may be envious of the fact that their neighbor was able to go through college because he had rich parents, whereas his parents did not have enough to send him to school. Physical advantages such as strength or height are also things one may be envious of. In addition to advantages there is one other factor that someone may be resented for.
             Many people are envious of another person's emotions, for example one may be envious of another person's ability to hide their pain, or their lack of fear. Some things that many take for granted another may wish they had. One may be envious of the fact that their neighbor is the life of the party, while they are shy and not very outgoing.
             While not mentioned in the dictionary definition of envy, certain emotions are something which a person could wish to death that they had yet because they were born with a certain mindset they have a lack of.

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