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            Wanting what others have is a natural tendency for people. As technology increases, enviness increases amongst consumers. Technology fulfills what most people desire, and that is, convenience. However, not many people have the ability to purchase the greatest and most convenient product in the world. This problem causes envy. Although envy may motivate one to try harder, it would still hurt one's feelings or self-esteem. .
             Sometimes in life, one does not get what he/she wants; even through hard-work. For example, a girl wishes to have her father back after he died. She goes to a friend's house and sees a loving, caring father. The girl envies her friend for having a complete, loving family. However, there is possibly nothing she can do to get her father back. .
             In the story of "Snow White," the stepmother envied Snow White for being the most beautiful girl of all. The envious stepmother tried to kill Snow White by tricking her into eating the poisonous apple she created. .
             Envy comes easily to the eye, especially upon the presence of the objects. However, envy can cause hatred and violence. In everyday-news, we hear about shootings, kidnappings, stabbings, etc. Envy can be prevented if we try to control our desires. For example, a child who has cancer may envy a healthy, lively boy; while a man with a Honda is envying his friend's BMW. Those are two completely different desires; of course, the child's situation is more severe. It is hard to control our desires; however, we should realize how fortunate we are and realize what we have is more than enough. .

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