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Cold Sassy Tree/Papa's Car

             Papa buying the car has many effects on the family and on Cold Sassy. Papa buys the red Cadillac from a car dealership in Atlanta. When Papa brings the car into the churchyard Will and the family couldn"t even get to the car because so many people were crowded around it. Everybody in Cold Sassy and in the family was more excited than ever before. For the first time in a very long time Cold Sassy Tree had something good to talk about and enjoy.
             Papa buying the car brought many wonderful things to Cold Sassy. When Papa bought the car everyone in Cold Sassy was truly happy for the family. The family was even happier than Cold Sassy. And Mama was even happier than the family. This quote proves that. "Oh won"t she be jealous!" Mama crowed when we got home. There was no doubt who was meant by she." Burns 233. This quote shows how happy Mama was that she had an automobile and Miss Love didn"t. It made Papa and everybody very glad to finally see Mama get what she deserved. .
             Another good thing that happened because of Papa buying the car was that it made Grandpa want a car. He bought a Pierce while he was in New York. He even bought a whole car dealership so he could sell cars in Cold Sassy Tree. Grandpa hated automobiles before he rode in one in New York. Miss Love somewhat helped in getting him to ride in one and buy one. "Course Miss Love had to push me into the first car. Hit was a Franklin, and I"d jest soon been caught in the compress down yonder at the cotton gin. But you can git used to anything." Burns 251. This quote shows how stubborn Grandpa was about automobiles before Miss Love and Papa showed him how nice they could be. The quote also shows how Grandpa is eventually interested in automobiles. Papa buying the Cadillac brought many unneeded problems to an end in Cold Sassy.
             Even though Papa's car brought many good things to Cold Sassy it brought many bad as well. One was when Will picked Lightfoot up and took her to the cemetery.

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