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An Autumn Day at the Park

            Down the busy street, where you can see the sun finally settling for an autumn nights rest, sits an old wooden park bench. This very autumn day, there sat many people in that same park, under the same leafless trees, under the same bright sun. Each of these people who sat on that old wooden park bench throughout the day, captured something different about the surroundings within the bench.
             As the bright orange sun was peaking through the horizon, the bright blue sky was bare of clouds and there was a light mist in the cool, crisp, morning air. The air smelled fresh and clean, and you could smell the dew in the air. The grass was wet and beginning to turn slightly brown. The ground was covered with a blanket of colourful leaves that had fallen from the trees like snow, leaving the branches almost bare. Many people walked by the old wooden park bench that sat there in the middle of the park; some were in a hurry, off to school or work, others were slowly walking through the wide, cement walking paths, enjoying and taking in the beautiful autumn morning. It was quiet; the only sounds heard were the footsteps of those walking by and cars in the distance. Along came a young woman jogging up to the wooden park bench. She quickly placed her left foot onto the bench, which was still wet from the morning dew. She bent over and quickly tied her lace that had become un-tied while she was running. Within seconds she was back on the path jogging through the park, making her way through the wet leaves. .
             As the day continued, the sun beamed down from the sky, shining through the branches of the trees in the park. It cast shadows on the walking paths, but where the sun did peak through, it provided a blanket of warmth. The sky, still bright blue, had recently began to cloud over in some areas. Along the path came a young couple, walking hand-in-hand. They walked up to the old wooden park bench and took a seat with the sun shining down on them, keeping them warm from the cool breeze in the air.

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