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The Growth of America

             During the time period from 1880 - 1924 there were many developments and .
             The most noticeable of the many was .
             industrialization, immigration, progressivism, and imperialism. These four .
             developments had both negative and positive effects on America and also related and .
             affected each other in different ways. Industrialization created a big growth in .
             business, immigration boosted due to many jobs that were available, progressivism .
             worked to improve things in America and imperialism was the expansion of America .
             onto lesser countries. During this period and because of these developments America .
             was changing, sometimes the change was a good thing however others times it was not. .
             Industrialization was a social organization in which industries and especially .
             large - scale industries became very dominant causing big boost for the United State's .
             economy. There were many factors that led to this growth in business and industry like .
             the building of many factories and the advancements in technology like new sewing .
             machines, and new trains and railroads. Also around this time they"re rose new forms .
             and sizes of businesses. They were known as corporations, monopolies, and .
             conglomerates. From the rise and wealth of these businesses came rich and powerful .
             company owners that controlled entire industries like Andrew Carnegie who was the .
             leader of the steel industry, and William Vanderbilt who was the head of the railroad .
             Industrialization boosted the economy enormously and brought about mass .
             production of goods that helped lead to the expansion of trading in the U.S. Mass .
             production of goods led the U.S. to open trading post in foreign countries as well as .
             other countries in the U.S. The expansion of trading was due to the opening and the .
             expansion of the railroad companies. There was one particular railroad that was a .
             major means of trading in this period. The transcontinental railroad was a trade route .

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