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The acts of Carnegie and Rocke

            During the era of industrialization two important individuals, Carnegie and Rockefeller rose above their fellow man contributed to the formation of what is now America; although their methods of success may be unusual, it is irrational to consider them either Captains of industry or Robber barons. As the country progressed so did its industries and corporations. Several businesses sprung up and fought to remain profitable during the Gilded age. However, the vast number of competitors usually pushed one another out of business. In order to avoid the same faith, Carnegie and Rockefeller devised ingenious methods to stay on top. Their successes therefore aided the growth of America, but also hurt its people by driving them out of business and thus hurting the people of America.
             Andrew Carnegie's ambition to success started at an early life. His voyage to becoming a captain of industry was set forth with the innovation of the production of steel. Steel was Carnegie's greatest asset, and the main reason why he could partially be considered a Captain of Industry. As the nation expanded and the invention of the train was a huge improvement, the need for "steel" in the production of steel rails was essential to the nation. Carnegie took sharp note of this and set forth to manufacture steel of high quality at an affordable price. In order to efficiently do this while still profiting he incorporated the Bessemer process, which revolutionized steel making by making it possible to produce great quantities of steel at a low expense. By doing so, he too created the steel industry in the United States, an advantage that is said to be the reason behind why the United States is the greatest economic power in the world. [Because of this, some historians view Carnegie as a great "captain of industry" who created a great industry and made the United States a world power.] http://strsd.southwick.htm.

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