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The Gods" Law vs. Man's Law

             Antigone did the right thing by crossing Creon's strict decrees on burying Polynices because the unalterable laws of the gods and our morals are higher than the sometimes blasphemous laws of man. Creon gave strict orders not to bury Polynices because he lead a rebellion, which turned to rout, in Thebes against Creon, their almighty king. Antigone could not bear to watch her brother become consumed by vultures' talons and dogs. Creon finds out that somebody buried Polynices' body and sent some of his men out to get the person who preformed the burial. Antigone is guilty and although she is to be wed to Creon's son, Haemon, he sentences her to be put in a cave without any food or water and let the gods decide what to do with her. He was warned by a blind prophet not to do this, but he chooses to anyway, which eventually left him with a dead son, a dead wife, and self-imposed exile. .
             Antigone had good reasons for her actions. She did obey the rules of her gods, which were that any dead body must be given a proper burial, with some limitations. This would prevent the soul from being lost between worlds forever, along with wine as an offering to the gods. However, Antigone could not let King Creon's decrees go against her morals. She chooses to share her love, not her hate. She couldn't bare to see one family member be chosen over the other because of what a king had decided was right, which she contravened. She loved her brothers equally and she believed that they deserved equal burials, no matter what had occurred. She believed that someone should not be condemned for what they believed in, especially after they had already died for their cause. Antigone was much like Polynices in that they suffered for their beliefs willingly and firmly. Bringing homage to the family was very important to Antigone. The gods' laws come before mortal laws in Antigone's point-of-view, which is how I believe also.

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