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my new car - a description

             I had waited my whole entire life to have my own car. At last, I had saved up enough money to go car shopping on my own. I had thought long and hard about what I wanted and decided that a Mitsubushi Eclipse was the car for me. It was a little after 4 o"clock that Friday afternoon that I decided I would go test drive one. I spoke with the saleswoman briefly about financing options before she handed me the keys and we began our walk towards the car. .
             As we walked through row after row of used cars, she described some of the features of the car to me. I was playing with keys, the trendy little remote access clicker, the valet key, and the door lock key. I kind of trailed off into my own world, picturing what I would look like behind the wheel. I thought about how many people at school would be surprised that I bought this car on my own. I must have been clicking the lock and unlock buttons on the clicker as I pondered the thoughts of never losing my car at the mall again before I realized that every time I pressed a button the car made a noise and its parking lights lit up. As I drifted back to reality I realized that we were only a few rows away from the car. I picked up my pace, almost to a slow jog. The saleswoman snickered a bit. .
             At last, it was in my full view. What a beautiful piece of machinery! The front of the car was just the beginning, with its hood scoop atop the engine, projector style headlights, and an aftermarket nose that made the car seem like it literally sat on the ground. As I walked around to the side, I saw the side skirts that matched the front end to lower the body to the ground. The windows were tinted so dark that I could not even see inside. The rear side window had a little decal on the bottom that said "sports" in gray script. I thought that it accented the white car and black windows nicely. The new "Cooper Cobra" tires shined nicely as they sat on their 16 inch alloy wheels.

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