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Do you consider that the Curre

            Do you consider that the Current System of Legal Training & Education can provide the Lawyers that this Country needs?.
             A lawyer is a term given to someone who works in one of three elements of the legal system, it is a collective name given to that of a Solicitor a Barrister and a Judge, and however I will just be concentrating on the education and training of Solicitors and Barristers. .
             Barrister is a self-employed worker, who usually works out of Chambers where they share services of Clerks. They are members of an Inn of Court, which is either; Grays, Lincolns, Middle Temple or Inner Temple. The majority of Barristers are based in London. A unique element of a Barrister is his training in advocacy which is a major aspect of their job. They carry out three major roles; advocacy, particularly in the Crown Court and higher courts, they write the "counsel's opinion" on the strength of cases for solicitors, and they draft legal documents, which are mainly claims, however they do draft other documents. .
             Solicitors work within private practices; they are usually partners or associates working within a partnership. A solicitor makes the first contact with a client, and the tasks they participate in are very varied. They are allowed to contribute in the lower courts, in terms of advocacy, this is a relatively new element to the role of a solicitor, as this was usually a task strictly for a Barrister. The lower courts being magistrates" courts and county court. They do however have roles within the high courts but this is within limited rights of audience. The majority of work provided by a solicitor is advisable work, and they also do a lot of contractual work, where they draw up contracts and tenancies, they also do conveyances, wills, divorces and petitions. The mainstream of their work is so called "paper work". .
             The qualities that I think that a lawyer must hold to be successful, is that of a degree of competence, so that they can take on your case, and be relatively successful and show a decree of knowledge that enables them to instil you with an amount of confidence.

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