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             Wrestling is a very complicated yet very intense sport. Wrestling is a test of strength and skill between two individuals. It is a sport where everything is up to one individual to win or lose, and not a team. The most skilled, talented hard workers will come out on top and if not it is his fault and not his teams.
             Wrestling dates back to prehistoric times. Found in French caves were carvings and drawings fifteen thousand to twenty thousand years old showing more than five hundred wrestlers in various holds. In the Old Testament, God and Jacob wrestled each other in their forms of man. In the Olympics wrestling was introduced in Greece around 708 B.C. In the Middle Ages wrestling became popular to men and children. The Indians, in America, wrestling was part of their sport activities before Europeans came to the new world. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were skilled wresters ("Wrestling" 417).
             In wrestling the object is to put their opponents on their back and to pin them. To pin the opponent, both shoulders must be in contact with the mat for two seconds. If there is not anyone who gets pinned, the winner is the wrestler who scores the most points during the match. During a match there are many different ways to score points on the opponent. During a match there are five ways to score points on the opponent.
             What is considered a takedown? To set up a takedown, the wrestler must be working from the neutral or standing position, a situation where neither wrestler has control. A takedown is scored when one of the wrestlers gains control over the other, causing his opponent's supporting points (the area or areas in which most of the body weight is placed) the knees, the thighs, the buttocks, or the hands. When the takedown is achieved, the offensive man receives two match points. If the opponent goes or falls out of bounds and the offensive man's feet stay in, it is still a takedown.

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