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Native American

             If a man and a woman were mutually in love, one can assume that their definition of love would pertain to each other and so their definitions would be similar. Love could be defined as a compatible spiritual, emotional, physical and mental connection only shared between two people. Conventionally, we teach our sons and daughters that love is special, satisfactory, and of the highest value in our modern society. Love can be shown in many aspects of the relationship. Love can be shown in physical affection (i.e. kisses, hugs). It can also be shown through emotional intimacy (i.e. conversation). Love serves as the highest significance and most valued resource. It can be shown through other resources, and the relationship of love as a resource and other resources determine the value of the relationship. .
             Foa and Foa concentrate on reinforcements of social interaction. Generally, looking at the different resources in exchange, one can find what is satisfactory and what's not. The "Rules of the Game" show the relationships of resources and also the value. In resource theory, you have rewards, costs, and profits. These are variables and are relevant to the individual in a relationship. They also depend on the resources exchanged and the implications produced by the surrounding circumstances. Resources are the objects being transacted in the relationships and can be categorized into six general categories: love, status, information, money, goods and services. These six classifications can be exchanged and play roles in rewards, costs, and profits. They can also be further categorized into 2 attributes: concreteness vs. symbolism and particularism vs. universalism. The concrete and symbolic continuum represents the tangibility of the resource. Where as the particular and universal spectrum represents the significance of the resource (i.e. high significance is particular, and low significance is universal).

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