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Fair days pay

            The nature of the employment is tenuous. The exchange between an employer and an employee is an agreement that will trade hours for dollars. Each particular side of this equation has pros and cons that will be exploited during the entire employment process. The effectiveness of this team will hinder or support each side individually and collectively. Employers are looking for competent assistance in completing a task, and they are willing to pay for services rendered from an employee. They provide a location for the work to be completed, all the tools to complete the task and other benefits to keep employees happy. The employee brings the skill set to a job and is willing to be directed accordingly to complete the task. The overlying question is as follows: Is the employee giving and is the employer getting a "fair day's work for a fair day's pay"? The principle of a fair day's work for a fair day's pay is recognized by all parties to this agreement. Each of us probably has an opinion of what a fair day's work should be.
             As we consider the realm of the work environment, we will look at the situation from many different points of view. What is the attitude of the employee and the employer? How do benefits of a certain employee stack up to the benefits of a co-worker doing the same task, but having different longevity with the organization? Does the employee show initiative? Is he/she an effective team member? This paper will look at a sample workplace where military members and civilian government employees work side-by-side and some of the differences seen, as they understand what "fair- means at work.
             The attitude of all the parties in the work environment toward the task to be accomplished is very important. We assume that each day will not be wonderful, unstressful and 100 percent successful, but that would be the goal to shoot for. The employer must provide and insure that the workspace is conducive to productivity.

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