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mass communications

             According to Arbitron, a company that surveys radio listener ship, the radio listening audience consists of teenagers and adults. They average 22 hours a week listening to radio. .
             What is unusual about how Jim Ladd plays his songs on the radio is that he chooses the songs he plays, which is unlike the rest of the current DJ's. The DJ's choice of tracks is limited because it is regulated by the market researchers and consultants who decide on what is to be played. DJ's often have their music programmed, making their shifts "the steady work of autopilot". Jim Ladd is considered the "last DJ" because he is the only one who still chooses what songs he will play on his show. .
             I listen to mostly hip hop and alternative rock stations, such as KPWR - FM (105.9) and KROQ - FM (106.7). These types of radio stations do not get to choose what songs will be played, unlike Jim Ladd. Song selection for these radio stations are determined by consumers, producers and sometimes call in listeners; but, not by the DJ's. .
             The largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. is Clear Channel Entertainment. It controls more than 1,200 U.S. radio stations, including eight in Los Angeles. It is the world's largest radio broadcaster, as well as the dominant player in outdoor advertising and concert promotion, which raises questions about posssible vertical integration and conglomeration by the San Antonio based company.

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