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The Cathedral

            The beginning of the story talks about the relationship between the blind man and the wife. By the end of the story we see how it now focuses on the relationship between the blind man and the husband. The husband's attitude towards the blind man starts out as resentful. I think he seems jealous of the relationship that his wife shares with the man. There are many instances which he points out; when the blind man touches her face, her poems and the many tapes she sends to him, and the conversations they have inside the house in which he feels excluded. It is also stated in the first paragraph that the husband is not comfortable having a blind man to the house. At first I expected the story to be solely of the blind man's visit to the house, and the interactions that would take place. I think a major turning point in the story occurs when the blind man and the husband are left alone while the wife changes. The husband is at first uncomfortable, but once the two of them begin smoking we see their relationship begin to change into one that is more personal. The husband now seems to enjoy the man's company and is gaining a better understanding of him. We are beginning to see a turn around in his attitude, as opposed to that which it was in the beginning. Another interesting relationship which is presented is the one between the husband and wife. Not once in the story do we hear him say her name. He continually refers to her as "my wife", which I think suggests a distance between them. Robert on the other hand, was the only character to be given a name. I wondered why would the author did this?.
             Throughout the beginning of the story I was also wondering in what way the title would play into everything. It is not until the end that any reference is brought up. I think that the title "Cathedral" is in some way representing faith and belief. It begins that the husband cannot seem to describe a cathedral to the blind man.

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