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Sociology Analysis

             Process recording Comments.
             Worker: Good morning Angela, how are you doing today? Wanted to see how client was feeling.
             Client: I am doing fine. I feel really good today. .
             Worker: That is good to hear. Tell me what has been going on with you since we talked last. .
             Client: Well, everything has been going pretty good for me since your help. I am glad you help me tell my parents because their support has gotten me through the last couple of days. Things sound like they are getting better.
             Worker: I am very proud of your progress. Have you been living up to the terms of your contract? Providing positive reinforcement.
             Client: Yes. The only thing I have left to do is make my doctor appointment. .
             Worker: You really need to make your appointment because I can't stress enough how important it is for you and your baby to get proper prenatal care. Must follow up to see why no appointment made.
             Client: I know and I promise I will. .
             B. Communication skills.
             Confronting- I used this communication skill when I questioned Angela about not making the doctor appointment that was apart of her contract.
             Exploring- This skill was used after I confronted her about not making the appointment to understand her reasons behind it and possibly help in making the appointment.
             Reassuring- I used this skill after Angela told me how well she was doing to let her know to keep up her positive effort.
             Clarifying- I used this skill when I asked her to repeat what she meant about the university she planned on attending.
             Summarizing- I used this communication skill when Angela and I went over the terms of her contract and goals she accomplished.
             Self disclosure- I used this skill when I told Angela that I felt scared and confused as well about life and huge decisions.
             Information giving- I provided information and alerted to her that the agency was still available to help and offer services .

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