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lincoln county

            Lincoln County, New Mexico is the center of controversial that will rival the past wars in recent American history. This is not a war between countries such as the American Revolution, nor is it a war with the Indians like the French and Indian war. This is a struggle for economic supremacy between two factions of entrepreneurs for the control of government contracts for beef and other provisions in Lincoln County (642 Lincoln County War). The lawlessness of Lincoln County enabled men Like John Chisum and Lawrence Murphy to stage a bloody war with each other, which led to the rising of a great western hero.
             Lawrence G. Murphy is a hard-nosed businessman who saw the future of the area in terms of profits for his mercantile business. Murphy first acquired control of government contracts for the region through the patronage of a powerful political clique in Santa Fe called the Santa Fe Ring. Because of this Ring, Murphy started a monopoly in Lincoln County that permitted Murphy to control the population and the public officials especially those in law enforcements positions. The House of Murphy had some key supporters; James J. Dolan, Emil Fritz and James H. Riley, but with supporters comes enemies like John Chisum.
             In 1873 John Chisum had founded a ranch at south spring on the Pecos River in New Mexico. He ran 80,000 head of cattle in 1875 and employed 100 cowboys (209 John Chisum). Chisum then sought Government contracts and threatened Murphy's position. Chisum gained support from Alexander McSween and John Tunstall, which together they set a rival mercantile company in Lincoln. With two companies challenging for control in Lincoln County it was only a matter of time before the two faces off in a battle for the storybooks. The only question now would be who would the small ranchers, farmers, and customer's side with? The House of Murphy or the McSween and Tunstall faction!.

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