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Abe Lincoln

             We all know him as the 16th president as that one dude who free'd the slaves, or the guy on the penny. There is alot more history and information on Mr. Lincoln than most know. His life before he got into the government later on to become president, is unknown by alot of people. As you read on you'll recieve information on Abraham Lincoln, the man behind that tall black hat, the man inside our 16th president.
             On Sunday, Feburary 12, 1809 Thomas and Nancy Lincoln give brith to Abraham Lincoln in a log cabin near Hodgenville Kentucky. He was born into a family which already had a little girl, Sarah. In 1811, the Lincoln's move from their birthplace to a 230-acre farm on Knob Creek. A year later Nancy gave birth to another child, a boy, Thomas, but he sadly dies in infancy. In Autumn 1815 Abraham and his older sister Sarah attend school taught by their teacher Zechariah Rigney who would be replaced by another teacher, Calab Hazel, the following year. When Abraham was 7 Thomas moved his family to South Indiana to what is now Spencer County Indiana (then Perry County.) In 1818 tradgity strikes the Lincoln's as Nancy dies from milk sickness. A year later Abraham's father marries again to Mrs. Sarah Bush Johnson who would bring 3 more children into the family. At the age of 19 Abraham's sister, who married Aaron Grigsby, died during childbirth. The next year Lincoln takes a floatboat trip to New Orleans. In 1830 the remianing Lincoln's moved to west Illinois, where Abraham would settle for himself in Salem Illinois where he lived until 1837.
             Already you've learned about Lincolns life as a child to his teenage years which made him suffer through 3 losses in his family. Thankfully Lincoln happened to like his stepmother. In that time Lincoln dicovered that he injoyed to read so he was constantly borrowing books from his neighbors. Abe had planned to work in the feilds which caused some problems between his father and him for his father was the oppisite.

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