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Capital Punishment

             In today's society, it is believed that criminals should be dealt with in a just manner. However, it is the criminals who seem to be the ones who are getting ahead. The law in which we follow seems to benefit those who break it more than it does the victims.
             For example, just a few weeks ago there was an incident where a burglar was waiting outside a home in the bushes. He waited for the family living there to leave for the weekend. When they drove out of the garage and began closing the garage door, he snuck in just before it closed. He did not realize, however, that the door from the garage to the inside of the house was going to be locked as well. .
             There were no windows nor was there any way to open either of the garage doors, thus he was locked inside the garage the whole weekend. When the family had returned and discovered him, they immediately called the police for trespassing. To their dismay, a counter-suit was made by the burglar on grounds of neglect. He stated that he could have died because there was no ample air supply, nor was there any food for him to survive on. He said he had to live off of the cat food that was left in the garage. HE claimed it was inhumane.
             When the case went to court, the judge decided in the favor of the burglar, not because of the neglect so much, but because if for some reason a kid was to get locked in there, it would be an unsafe environment. The family ended up settling with the burglar for a ridiculous sum of money for the hardship the burglar had endured.
             This is how our justice system works. Do you still feel safe?.
             To further emphasize my point, I would like to mention the fact that most prisons have facilities and living conditions that are more than adequate enough for most anyone, let alone criminals. They receive better care in a healthier environment than most of us would see in a hospital or nursing home, or even some of our own homes.

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