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Britains buyout

            Britain's Big Food Group Held Buyout Talks With Equity Firms.
             In the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, September 17 there was an article on how Britain's Big Food Group has lost about 8 million dollars for the first half of the year. This article talks about how different Equity firms are buying out or joining forces with other equity firms. Big Food Group, The Deeside Wales Company, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co, CVC Capital Partners, Brake Brothers, and Clayton Dubilier & Rice are some of the Equity firms that has held or was apart of some buyout talks.
             First the Deeside Wales Company held talks of possible buyouts of the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co and CVC Capital Partners. While no decision has been made on the buyout Big food Group has been hit especially hard with a plunge of almost 80% since the start of the year. Big food Group also has been in buyout talks. It has tried to join forces with KKR to bid for Brake Brothers, but Brake Brothers was eventually bought out by Clayton Dubilier & Rice. .
             Some of the affects that are happening or could possibly happen due to all the buyouts of the equity firms could eventually affect the way business is handled in Britain. One thing that is happening is a growing number of investors fleeing equity markets and putting their money into safer securities such as bonds. In my opinion, with the many talks of buyouts and the joining of forces the company with the most money and power will one day controls all of the equity firms in Great Britain. This will enable one Company to form a monopoly so to speak which will inevitably could control how Britain's government is ran. Because if one business gets too powerful it has the ability to a become a major influence in Government by influencing politicians with money. Also a major problem that could occur with buyouts of equity firms is the possibility of losing jobs to many citizens. .

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