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Germany's govt.

            Germany Opens New Front on Joblessness.
             In the New York Times on Thursday October 10, 2002, this was an article on how Germany is fighting unemployment. Chancellor Gerhard Schroder named Wolfgang Clement the chief of a combined labor and economics ministry. Clement super ministry hopes to mobilize all forces in fighting joblessness. Mr. Clement has stated that he hopes to implement the proposals made by the Hartz Commission, and independent panel appointed by Mr. Schroder to find ways to cut Germany's unemployment in half by 2005. .
             This decision has huge political significance for Chancellor Schroder, and the rest of his party. As the United States knows unemployment is a huge topic for politicians, not only in the U.S. but also in other country's. Germany has reported that in September the joblessness fell to 3.94 million. Schroder once promised to cut the number to 3.5 million. This is a big step for Germany because unemployment and the lack of economic growth have been two main problems that arise in Germany. With the hiring of Clement, Schroder is hoping that his ministry can provide a left to Germany's economic problems.
             This is a big step for Germany and Chancellor Schroder. If Clement can provide some stability and lower the high unemployment rate, then Schroder will gain a huge boost to his campaign. But if Clement is unable to lower the rate then the chancellor will take a big hit, because he narrowly won re-election last month. Overall, I think this was a great choice for the Chancellor because he obviously had to do something and this shows that he is actively trying to provide more jobs for the German people. .

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