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just lather

            Because humans are born with a conscience and compassion towards other it is difficult for humans to kill. In the short story "Just Lather That's All" by Hernando Tellez we are introduced to a character Captain Torres who doesn't have a problem with killing but he also thinks it is not easy to kill. The Barber has a conflicts to kill or not to kill Captain Torres. When the Barber sharpens his razor, he proves he can sharpen it but not use it to kill. In the short story "Just Lather That's All" the author develops the theme that it is not easy to kill through characters, conflict and events and actions in the story.
             In this story the author develops that it is not easy to kill through characters. The Barber has a chance to kill Captain Torres but does not kill him. The Barber said " I was passing the best of my razors back and forth on a strop. When I recognized him I started to tremble I tested it on the meat of my thumb." P.13 Hernando Tellez. This quote proves he has a deadly weapon in his hand and decides not to use it to kill Torres because killing is not easy. Guns must be the deadliest weapons. Captain Torres has a gun but does not use it on the Barber. The Barber said " he took off the bullet-studded belt that his gun dangled from." P.13 Hernando Tellez. This quote proves Torres could of killed him right away or token him hostage. It also proves that killing is not easy. Killing isn't easy even if you killed 10, 20 or 100 times, it is still hard to kill someone. Captain Torres said " they told me that you'd kill me. I came to find out, but killing isn't easy. You can take my word for it. P.17 Hernando Tellez. Captain Torres is intelligiant, he thought that the Barber was the enemy so he went into the barber shop to find out if he was. Killing isn't easy and before Captain Torres left he said to the Barber that killing is not easy. Captain Torres is a big time killer but he still thinks that killing isn't easy.

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