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Telemachaus' tranformation

            Telemachus transforms into a very different character from when Athena first visits him, to when he is reunited with his father. Telemachus matures through the many obstacles he encounters in his life. He develops from a young powerless boy; to a man fit to be king.
             When Athena first visits Telemachus in the Palace, he presents himself as a young adolescent, who is depressed and troubled about his life. " I wish at least I had some happy man as father, going old in his house -but unknown death and silence are the fate of him." 1. Telemachus expresses his immaturity, by wishing for a father, any father that would be there with him growing old safely in his house. He does nothing about his situation, complains about it and feels sorry for himself. Telemachus has given up hope on seeing his father again and doesn't know how to deal with all the chaos going on in his house. However, Athena gives him hope and encourages him to confront his problems and go out and look for his father, insinuating that he is still alive.
             The first sign of change in Telemachus is when he calls an assembly. It is the first time since Odysseus" absence that an assembly is called. He addresses the suitors in a manner that he had never done before, leaving them bewildered at his speech. This is a symbol of his maturity, for the first time he is standing .
             up for himself against the suitors. Athena gave him the encouragement that he needed and empowered him to take a stand and change his situation. Telemachus shows his bravery by going on his journey alone, accompanied only by two dogs. He is maturing into a brave young man inspired by the thoughts of his father.
             Once Telemachus is reunited with his father, his characteristics are different from when Athena first visited him in the palace. He is no longer the whinny, powerless boy in the beginning of the story. Telemachus has evolved into a courageous, responsible and powerful young man.

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