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A Tale of Two Cities - Its themes

            "A Tale of Two Cities" though one of the shortest of Dickens' novel is generally regarded as one of his greatest.The genius of the Dickens is amply proved by this novel.Many a discussion has been done , many theses has been written on the themes of this great novel .But like any great works of great writers , it has also contributed its share of complexities .What is actually the theme of this novel is it the death and resurrection, or is it the French Revolution or is the contrast of London and Paris and between the various characters?.
             It is no doubt, the novel deals with death and rebirth .Manette was imprisoned for many years ,and in this period , he was practically dead -to all his loved ones and to himself.Infact , he had become insane .Gut after many years of "dead-like" living Lucy,his daughter came along and with her love and care he was brougt back to life ,infact he was resurrected. On the other hand Charles Darney was the heir to a great fortune and influence and wealth of a great feared family- the Evremondes- in France. But he was , unlike his other cruel and wicked relatives , was a good and senstive man .He knew he was dying inside if he were to continue being part of his notorious family and therefore he gave up his family namer and all the wealth and luxury connected with it and came to London to start a new life .This act of his was his resurrection Last but not the least in importance is the death and rebirth of Carton.Syney Carton was a hopeless person.He could have been a great and successful man but he was unlucky ( as he might want others to say).All his life he was a failure , he was living in body butdead in spirit.then Lucy happened,though she was never in love with him , he was in love with her, this brought a tranformation in him .He started to change fo the better .Then at the end the final part of his transformation happens , he sacrifice his life for the woman he loves, noe he will be born again ,.

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