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The theme of resurrection in a tale of two cities

            "Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt" (Daniel 12:2).
             Starting from the very beginning when Jarvis Lorry sends the message back to the bank that reads "Recalled to Life" the theme becomes very significant. Doctor Manette is "resurrected" when he returns from prison. Charles Darnay is "resurrected" when he is acquitted from an almost certain execution at his first trial. After the revolution begins in Paris, there is an evil aristocrat who fakes his own death, by the name of Old Foulon, and is then later found alive (He could be referred to as "resurrected."). When Old Foulon is found a live he is later murdered (by Mr. and Madame Defarge, they killed him and put his head on a pole). This pattern of false death and false resurrection is also done by Roger Cly. He too is evil, and he fakes his own death and he is "reborn" as a spy in a different country. Cruncher and his associates are "resurrection men," they dig up bodies. In the idea of the people rising up in revolution is a resurrection in itself. The people are miserable and living in filth, which they revolt to end and live in the happiness and freedom promised in resurrection and eternal life. .
             Resurrection is perhaps the theme of A Tale of Two Cities. There are several themes of resurrection in this book. The most famous, of course, is at the end when Sydney Carton is executed for Charles Darnay. Other examples are the grave robber, which is Jerry Cruncher, is a farce for a resurrectionist. These "resurrection men" are "honest tradesmen". The idea was to rob new graves and sell the parts and bodies to doctors as autopsies were sort of new. Doctor Manette was the living dead, and he is resurrected by Jarvis Lorry. In a way, Jarvis Lorry is also resurrected himself when he realizes that he has spent all of his life looking after the bank, and there are more important things in life than business.

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