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Cool Hand Luke

             Cool Hand Luke was a very unique film that I enjoyed very much. The film was released in 1967 and was directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The film falls into the category of drama, and has some very memorable scenes. This film was very interesting and never lost my attention. In the following essay, I"m going to prove how I believe that Cool Hand Luke is one of the best films.
             The film Cool Hand Luke consisted of many talented actors that played their roles very complete. The main character in this film, Lucas (Luke) Jackson, resembles Christ in many of the scenes. All the other men in the prison look up to Luke as if he were leading them. Luke even tells them "Quit feedin" on me!" when all the men would gather around him to hear his story of his escape. Luke also portrays Christ during the scene when he eats 50 eggs, which also happens to be the number of men in the prison. Luke's character seems to be very thought out, and he is an excellent rebel.
             Cool Hand Luke is one of my favorite dramas because its plot is very unique and very interesting. The film is about a man who just doesn't follow the rules and doesn't fit in. The main conflict is the struggle of a man to not be corrupted by the strict rules of a prison. I found the plot to be very interesting which made me want to watch the film. Rosenberg did a great job at keeping the audience in the film.
             I believe that this films main theme was to be who you are, and not who someone else wants you to be. Luke stood up for what he believed in during the film, only one time he turned into the man the prison wanted him to be. Everyone looked up to Luke for being a rebel and for not giving in to the rules. Back when this movie was released, 1967, there were many rebellious acts going on. Everyone started to stand up for what they believed in, so this film might have been there to help guide some people. This movie was a very thought out film that appealed to the people when it was released.

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