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Cool Hand Luke

             I believe that despite bad decisions and questionable actions, Cool Hand Luke is a.
             I think that if you are too quick to judge him, than you might believe that he.
             isn't moral. As an example of his being moral, was when Luke tried to escape to make it.
             to his mothers funeral. You might say that escaping isn't moral, but doesn't the fifth.
             commandment state that we should honor thy mother and father? I don't think that God.
             would only want us to honor our mother and father under certain conditions! .
             If you believed that it was immoral for Luke to originally cut the heads off of the.
             parking meters, then what about the fact that he was under the influence of alcohol. When.
             your under the influence of alcohol arn't your actions beyond your control? You may say.
             that it was immoral for him to drink liquor anyways right? But if it is so immoral to drink.
             alcohol, why is it heavily present in the Bible? I don't think that it is necessarily immoral.
             for one to drink, but rather the amount of alcohol that a person consumes makes it.
             immoral. But how does a person judge how much alcohol is too much? Instinct should.
             tell that person when they have had too much alcohol, right? Wrong. Natural instinct.
             doesn't allow you to judge when you have had to much alcohol. .
             You might say that it was also immoral for Luke to escape a second and a third.
             time! But do we really believe that it is moral to have judicial systems where if you commit.
             a minor crime you go to a prison and get treated like crap for years? Is it moral for the.
             prison leaders to beat the prisoners like they are slave? I didn't understand how Luke, who.
             cut off a couple parking meter heads, was placed in a prison with other men who had.
             assaulted, raped, and killed human being. It wasn't moral for Luke to be placed in that.

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