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             In the novel Siddhartha, it helps the reader trace their search for liberation and wisdom. It also offers the reader practical advice on how to live one's life. There are various examples of this throughout the book. The ideas that Siddhartha has in the book can be used in my life.
             Siddhartha goes to see the Buddha, who he thinks, is a great teacher. Siddhartha's friend Govinda decides to follow the Buddha unlike Siddhartha. The reason why Siddhartha did not become a follower like Govinda is because he thinks that no one can give you experience. You have to experience it yourself to get the full meaning. This can be used in my life by if I don't experience something for myself I will take I for granted. By experiencing, I will gain true knowledge of the matter. If someone tells me their perception, I might get the opposite of what they think if I experienced it for myself. An example in my life that I can relate this to is when I decided to go skiing for the first time last year. My friends told me that skiing takes a lot of time to learn and not to rush into everything. They told me to do on the "bunny slopes" but I decided not to. I went with them even after they warned me not to. I didn't get that far down the slope before I lost control. A few hours later I found out that my friends were right but I didn't believe them because I had to experience it myself.
             In the novel, Siddhartha is happy that he has been left alone. Govinda has become on of the Buddha's followers. Siddhartha is no longer influenced by anyone and listens to his own thoughts, hearing the voice of the Self inside of him. This can be used in my life because if I listened to everyone else I would deny myself my own opinion. I would lose my true self and become likes someone else. When I was younger I used to listen to what my parents told me. I never questioned them in anything that they told me. As time went on, I started to for my own opinions.

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