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the hundred years' war

             Aspects of the hundred years" war in the beginning led to the conclusion of a great British victory. However, little did anyone know that the outcome would be such a unforeseeable one. The background of the Hundred Years" War is a long history beginning with the claiming of the French throne by Edward III, with many reasons behind this decision. In turn the war broke out. In the beginning most of the battles were rewarded in victory of England, mainly due to the success of the English longbow. The amount of territory loss for the French were great as not only did the English gain control of French territory, but the English allies too took control. Things looked grim for the French, after which they began to win battles and took back what they had lost. With the maps of France being re-drawn for one hundred and sixteen years, the victory appeared to be played out in the hands of the English, with their superior army, in the ways of strategy and technology. The entire war was fought out in mainly small battles which forced either the French or English to surrender territory. Out of all this, there is no clear cut victor, who was it? The evidence is complex and a well thought out explanation will show that during the hundred years" war, the true victors came out to be the French.
             Furthermore, the victors early on appeared to be the English, and this is a valid observation. The French had countless losses to the English threat, and many battles were lost. It appeared before the war that the French had the superior army, however this was not true. The French had the superior numbers that would lead to the assumption that they would be lead to an easy victory. Unknowingly, the French walked right into a trap in the shape of the English Longbow, the one weapon that was the cause of the loses at Agincourt, Crecy, and Poiters; major battles. The striking numbers at the battle of Crecy show the sheer power of the longbow.

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