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            As time progressed, Canadian Citizens have realized that Aboriginal people have been discriminated upon. Although current schools teach us about the issues of the Native Indians, few students have interest. We are also learning more each day. To begin with, this essay will have information on the culture of the Natives prior to European contact. Secondly, the impact of religion and the residential school after European contact. Following that, there will be coverage on the current Native issues and how they are being dealt with. Lastly, the judicial methods being utilized with Natives in conflict with the law. Alberta is the location where this essay is based upon. It has a great history of the Native Indians.
             Schooling in Alberta is a huge issue for the Aboriginal people. In the following, there will be topics that could assist in the enhancement of teaching Aboriginal a better education.
             Racist Practices.
             Aboriginal children in Alberta's schools are dealing with racism everyday. This does not only apply to schooling, but also as their lifestyle. One of the issues mentioned in the Education Department states: "It is equally important that the school system addresses the issue of racism". It also says that the Ministry of Education is firmly committed to eliminating racism, both overt and convert, from educational practice.
             Cultural Differences: Home and school.
             As many teachers are unaware of the cultural differences that exist between Aboriginal children and the rest of the school population, their task becomes difficult and they are confronted with problems they are unable to handle. When teacher expectations of Aboriginal children are low, this gives rise to the child developing low self-esteem, and in many cases the self-fulfilling prophecy materializes. Thus labeling of children may make them behave in ways appropriate to the label.
             Communication in the Classroom.
             As the Alberta school system is an extremely verbal one in comparison to the Aboriginal learning environment, in order for learning to take place the language of the teacher and the student needs to be compatible.

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